Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Tag: flan

Biscuit Flan Dessert

Ingredients Marie Biscuits1 pkt flan o custardChocolate Cream Milk Marie Brizard Method 1. Make up...

Coconut Flan – Flan de Coco

Ingredients 1 tin condensed milk3 eggs2 1/2 cups of warm watervanilla essence1/4lb coconut Method

Almond Flan

Ingredients 4 eggs1 tin of condensed milk1 tin of waterCaramel for the base100g of ground almonds

Cauliflower Cheese Egg Flan

Ingredients 1 large cauliflower4 garlic cloves5 extra large eggs250g grated extra mature cheddar1 tablespoon breadcrumbs2 tablespoons olives oilFresh...

Flan Fruit Trifle

Ingredients 2 Bananas1 Tin Peach Slices1 Packet creme caramel (flan) powder1 Pint Milk1 Packet Boudoirs (sponge fingers)1 shot...