• Mushrooms (optional)
  • Stock Cube
  • 400 G Tinned Tomatoes (chopped or pasteurised)
  • 1 Small or 1/2 Large Onion
  • 1 Large or 2 Small Garlic Cloves
  • 2 large or 3 Small Carrots (Peeled & Sliced)
  • Oil
  • 1/2 glass White Wine (Dry)
  • 100 g Pasta (Macaroni or penne)
  • 500 G Meat (any optional)
    • * Chicken
    • * Beef – Braising / Stewing Steak

1. Chop onions and garlic into small pieces and fry. once this is soft and golden add tomatoes and carrots.

2. Dice and mix in the meat with a  splash of white wine and stock cube. Cook on low heat and cover until tender.

3. In a separate pan boil the pasta for 9 – 10 minutes until al dente, rinse and add in to the tomato and meat.

4. Allow 5 minutes for the flavours to mix together and settle.

If the tomato sauce is a bit sharp add some sugar.


  1. I am astonished at the variations on this recipe. In my family we cook it with just pork (preferably on the bone), no Oxo and we put grated cheese on it once served. I wonder what the original recipie was like.

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