Eggs 3 Ways


We’re always cooking up some great meals but sometimes we forget that not everyone is an artist in the kitchen, so we decided to go back to basics. I’ve had experiences as a student when those living in my halls did not now how to make toast or boil up some pasta… yes believe it.

We want everyone to be confident in the kitchen so even if you’re looking for basic skills on how to cook up some really good eggs for breakfast we’re here for you. So to kick off our Quick and Easy Recipes we’ve made and filmed three different ways you can serve up some tasty eggs.

Frying an Egg 

Fried egg goes with many things, to make a good fried egg you need to have a non-stick pan to begin with. Place the pan over a medium heat, add a splash of oil and when the pan starts to heat up, crack an egg into it. 

Leave this for 3 minutes, check on it and leave for another minute, until all the clear egg turns white. If you prefer the top done more than I do you can flip the egg over for a few seconds and cook that side. I however, prefer my eggs  “sunny-side up”

fried egg1

Making Scrambled Eggs 

You can’t go wrong with scrambled eggs as all you’re doing is making a mess in a pan and cooking the egg. Make sure you melt some butter in a non stick pan over a medium heat, crack in two eggs and stir until the mixture thickens, this is your egg cooking. Remove from the heat occasionally as you stir to avoid it burning and sticking to the pan.

Poaching an Egg 

This is one of the healthiest ways you can enjoy eggs as it does not involve oil or butter. Boil up some water until you see it simmering, using a whisk stir the water so you create a mini tornado in the centre. Now, crack in the egg, The reason we stirred the water was so that the egg wraps itself around the yolk. Leave this for 2 – 3 minutes then drain and serve. Ideal for brunch with some ham and Hollandaise sauce…. yummy.


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