Pork loin wrapped in cheese, ham and puff pastry served with potatoes and scrambled egg and green beans.



  • One large pork loin fillet
  • One small pkt of grated cheese
  • One pkt of puff pastry
  • Six slices of York ham
  • One egg
  • One pkt of frozen green beans.
  • Two garlic cloves,
  • Three eggs.


1. Place meat in oven dish and cook on its own for about twenty mins.

2. Whilst still warm, cover the meat with cheese and wrap the ham around, spread the pastry out to the required size and wrap the meat. Seal the edges with whisked egg and secure with tooth picks so that the pastry does not open.

3. Cook in oven until pastry is nice and golden.

4. For the green beans u will need to boil beans until tender then drain out the water.

5. Add a bit of oil and fry, add garlic, beat in the eggs and cook for a few mins until eggs cooked. Serve with potatoes.

Recipe by Nada Alvez

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